Letter To Someone Who is Having a Hard Time

Dear friend who is struggling right now,

I know you are overwhelmed and scared and lonely. I know you are questioning your worth, your enoughness and your lovability. I know you are frustrated with what you see as yet another thing at which you think you are failing.

Please take a moment to be gentle, patient and kind with yourself. You are doing so much better than you think.

You are not broken. You are not defective. You are whole and beautiful and complete. I know it doesn’t look like that at all, but I also know, that down deep inside, you can feel that this is the truth.

Please take a deep breath with me. Fill your lungs, all the way, hold that for a few seconds and then slowly let go. Let’s do it again. Feel your body receive the gift of oxygen. Feel your shoulders release down just a bit.

This too shall pass. And as it does it will transform and you will transform with it. Everything good takes time to change. Look at how winter slowly transforms into spring. Look at how hungry caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. Gradually, this will become the launching foundation for a renewed and powerful direction for your life.

In a few years you will remember this time as the season in which you learned just how resilient, how resourceful and how protected you are.

You are growing, and it’s painful and intimidating as hell, but I promise, it gets easier. Stay present, stay in tune with yourself, keep asking for support. You are not alone! Call onto the guidance of your ancestors, of all the people who have been in situation in which you are now. Their spirit will support you and guide you, just like you will help those that come after you.

Spend as much time in nature as you can. Let mountains have your back. Let water transfer it’s wisdom of million years into you. Let the ground remind you that everything is impermanent, including this sorrow.

And even if you may not know me, know of me, even if you may not see me or hear me, know that I am always holding you in my heart, rooting for you, encouraging you and loving you. I am always ready to remind you of your wisdom, your power and your awareness.

The Still Loving Voice Inside!