emotional health life coach Diana Deaver

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

I’m Diana. I think humans are spectacular and life is deeply meaningful. Even though there is suffering, I believe we have more allies and support than we ever realize. To me, no one is broken and no one needs fixing, but most of us could use a bit more patience and compassion with ourselves and those around us. My coaching has a peer-to-peer approach in which we partner to discover the treasures of your psyche. Things I may be heard saying during a session are: “let’s suspend self-judgment for a moment”, “you’re doing amazing” and “what if there’s a deeper meaning to this pain?”.
Should I have the privilege to sit across you in a session, please know that I deeply respect and honor the unique expression and individuality that comes through you into this world. It is a gift to me to walk the path of self-discovery alongside you.

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