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I’m Diana, an emotional health life coach based in Asheville, NC. With over 10 years of experience and a focus on Jungian and archetypal psychology, I specialize in guiding individuals from feelings of numbness or overwhelm to a vibrant and sustainable emotional life. My services offer personalized support to clients around the world through online sessions. Whether you’re seeking guidance locally or from any corner of the globe, my approach is tailored to meet you where you are.

Before the Journey Begins

If you’re feeling lost in the maze of your emotions, you’re not alone. Here’s what often leads clients to begin work with me:

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  • Worrying About Not Being Good Enough, Self-Criticism, and Self-Rejection.
  • Feeling exhausted and drained by negative Thought Patterns and Stressful Interactions.
  • Worrying about worst-case scenarios and feeling uncertain about how to move forward.
  • Compulsion and Self-Sabotage. Acting on urges to soothe feelings in unhealthy ways, finding solace in numbing out.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed by Strong Emotions; Being Easily Triggered.
  • Desiring the Ability to Navigate Life’s Challenges with Grace and Understanding.

The path toward emotional well-being feels very different when you allow yourself to be supported by an experienced traveler. Life coaching sessions open doors to newfound understanding and self-compassion. Here’s what’s possible in coaching.

life coach sessions asheville nc
  • Feeling Relief and Being Understood: Feeling truly heard and seen you gain a sense of normalcy regarding your emotional challenges.
  • More Comfortable with Who You Are: Reducing the resistance to the challenging aspects of you, finding self-compassion becomes much easier
  • Feeling in Control of Emotions: By better understanding your feelings and your triggers, you begin to build confidence in your self-control and self-awareness.
  • Prepared for Future Challenges: Equipped with new tools and resources, you will feel ready to face any challenges that come your way, more confident in your ability to navigate life’s complexities.

“All humans come to a time in their lives when their resources and their knowledge is insufficient to tackle the challenges in front of them. Pride can be one of the biggest obstacles to healing. We must be willing to be so real ourselves as to admit our limitations and our humanity. Only then, can we psychologically make space to receive assistance and allow the helpful powers that live within our psyche to awaken and intervene on our behalf.”

Carl Jung, The Collected Works, Vol. 9 pt. 1, p.21