You are not broken

You are not broken! You don’t need fixing. But you might be in pain. You might have parts of you that have been neglected for a long time, that maybe no one ever showed you how to care for.

Meeting our needs with integrity and without sabotage is part of growing up, maturing, becoming self-empowered and sovereign. This is doable. It is possible. It is closer than you might imagine.

But it does take commitment. It does take a little bit of effort and consistency. It takes being willing to show up for ourselves. It requires promise our tender parts that we will never abandon them again.

If you’re ready to start and you’d like an ally in this process, I am here.

emotional health life coach Diana Deaver is an emotional health life coach practicing since 2015. Her work is based on Jungian and archetypal psychology and it strongly takes into consideration the unconscious. Her emotional healing work encourages a process of gradual integration of all aspects of the person. She offers one on one life coaching sessions via phone, zoom or Facebook messenger. Email her at to schedule your session centered on you and your emotional healing.