Aromatherapy Emotional Support for Anxiety & Fear- Texas Cedarwood Oil

As someone dedicated to emotional health I find it important to have a diversity of mental/emotional aids in my coach” toolbox”. One of such treasures is aromatherapy – a non-invasive tool and for mental/emotional support that can provide immediate, observable support. One of the aromas that I employ often for grounding and centering is texas cedarwood oil.

The aroma of texas cedarwood oil is ideal for people who enjoy the smell of wood, pine tree, and the feel of being in a forest. Because of its stabilizing properties, texas cedarwood oil is a great sensory tool in aiding those who feel destabilized, ungrounded and unsupported. As aromatherapy emotional support, this oil has an immediate calming effect on the mind. It brings you back into the present moment, in your body, and it creates a feeling of safety and stability. It helps in moments of mental/emotional exhaustion, grief, emotional upset or overwhelm, and high anxiety.

For people who suffer from panic attacks and chronic anxiety, I recommend carrying a bottle or otherwise having the oil accessible.

How to use texas cedarwood oil to calm yourself:

Find a remote or secluded corner or place where you feel safe. Remove the lid and take a deep breath, taking in the scent. Repeat to or three times, or as needed throughout the day.

Here are other examples of ways clients have successfully used this scent:

  • for a stressful doctor’s visit, texas cedarwood oil was rubbed on the pulse points and inhaled each time anxiety escalated
  • at the end of a mentally exhausting day, texas cedarwood oil was diffused in the room as a way to find solace and comfort
  • for a nature lover, texas cedarwood oil was worn in a stressful work environment as a stress reliever


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Diana Deaver is an emotional health life coach practicing since 2015. Her work is based on Jungian and archetypal psychology and it strongly takes into consideration the unconscious. Her emotional healing work encourages a process of gradual integration of all aspects of the person. She offers one on one life coaching sessions via phone, zoom or Facebook messenger. Email her at to schedule your session centered on you and your emotional healing.