The Process of Emotional Healing with Diana Deaver

Emotional health coaching is helpful for individuals who desire to better understand themselves, the source of their emotional pain and the patterns and choices they observe in their everyday lives. Because we all have “blind spots” in our perspectives of ourselves and others, working with a life coach acts as a helpful mirror and as an additional, sometimes vital, point of view. When we invest time and resources in our emotional health we contribute to its expansion and with it, we increase the quality of our intimate (and non-intimate) relationships increases.

cloud1.  Preliminary Mutual Interview  

Before we begin any work, I usually have a preliminary mutual interview with my clients where we each ask questions of each other and we see if we are a good fit for working together. The preliminary interview is free of charge- it’s a friendly and honest chat and it lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

Steering Wheel2. The Custom Self Evaluation Form

If we both feel good to move forward I create a custom self-evaluation form that can help us get a bit more clarity on what is a priority to address and what are some long term results we want to focus on. This form will also help us get an idea of what are some of the current obstacles to your emotional health and how we can begin creating a support system for you as you begin your emotional healing work. Consider this to be the equivalent of a having a health test done at the doctor’s office.

sunshine3. The Emotional Health Plan

Once we’ve gotten the “test results” back we can make a plan of recovery. We will discuss the frequency of our sessions and other elements necessary to support you towards your emotional health. 

Changing your emotional health is a slow and gradual process that will require your dedication, patience and resilience. For part of the journey I will be right next to you and as we move along, you will naturally move towards being more and more in charge of your own healing process.

My Approach:

I like to stay sensitive to the fact that each person I work with is completely unique. One of the benefits of one on one coaching is that we can customize each session to match how you feel that day, to the load of that week or to your current emotional energy. In general, I like to look beyond the symptom and look for the deeper layers, underneath the surface. Sometimes what we think is an issue of self-confidence is, in fact, a residue of having been severely shamed in the past. What appears to be working too much is, in fact, an acute emotional need for safety and security. In our sessions, we will look at the multiple levels impacted by our patterns and choices and will aim to discover the stories underneath the story.

deeper levels emotional health life coaching sessions

Symptoms commonly addressed during emotional health coaching sessions:

  • self sabotage
  • boundary issues
  • limiting  thought processes
  • dysfunctional relationship dynamics
  • high levels of stress
  • self care and self esteem issues
  • emotional numbness/volatility

Emotional health tools commonly explored during life coaching sessions:

  • re-calibrating belief systems to support you as opposed to drain you
  • emotional management tools and healthy coping mechanisms
  • self acceptance and self compassion tools
  • responding as opposed to reacting to triggers and urges
  • compassionate communication
  • daily emotional health and self care practices

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Sessions with Diana are available in person, over the phone or over Skype.


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