Keep going when life gets hard

Most people naturally desire to improve and will make an effort to move in a direction of expansion and growth. We start a new habit and we usually give it our best at the beginning. We try a new tool, or a new way of communication, or a new way of being with ourselves but after a while, our enthusiasm starts to wane. We eventually get to a wobbly stage when our new venture doesn’t feel natural, it seems difficult and even uncomfortable. That is the place many of us are tempted to doubt our natural abilities. That is when we are tempted to quit and we get angry at ourselves for being so naive as to even try. The pride hurts, and the ego hurts and our disappointment hurts.

But failure is an absolutely necessary part of success.

Any pottery instructor will show you the unusable vessels that were made by his first-time students. Any child learning to walk has had their knees buckle under them or has fallen and hit their head on the table corner.

I encourage you to be patient. Just like a loving parent would put ice on the bump and soothe the pain away, but then keep helping the child learn how to walk, so I ask you to show up for yourself: loving, consistent, encouraging, helpful and most of all filled with hope and faith for this new part of you that’s trying to grow.

You’ve got this! Keep going. This will get easier. Do not give up. Find some allies. Rest and then pick back up. Pick it up again and again and you will succeed.