How do I know the difference between my intuition and my fear?

My clients often ask me: how do I know the difference between my intuition and my ego’s fear?

Usually, we start answering this question by identifying what intuition means to them. Many describe an intuitive hit as a sudden and naturally organic knowing. Some sort of information is revealed to them. Example: “I knew I was going to get a call from my dad.” OR “I could feel something big was going to happen that day.” Some people experience this type of knowing spontaneously, while others pursue it through intentional psychic practice. In depth psychology, this is could be described as imaginal knowing: a verbal or visual image with deep symbolic potential is accessed through the intentional conscious opening to the unknown part of the psyche (though dream analysis or active imagination).
A second important question to answer is: where is this information coming from? Who has this information and why is it revealed to us at a certain time? Each person may have a different answer here. For me, intuition comes from the divine. The part that gets confusing is to distinguish between things we know through our opening to hearing the divine and the things we feel as a fearful reaction, a primal nervous system response, such as fear.
The best and surest way I know to tell the difference is to seek and connect with the divine on a daily basis. Ask to be shown the truth. I use this script: “Spirit please show me…”
Stay attuned to seeing the truth. When confusion appears, welcome that and take it as a sign that you are getting closer. Doubt is a healthy and natural part of the process of recognizing that we coexist with other powerful forces outside of our control. We can use the times when doubt visits to enhance our relationship to the higher guidance in our lives. Fear, no matter how intense or persistent does not have the power to sever our connection with the divine without our permission. Nothing can do that. Because the divine contains the ultimate truth, it is always a source that can reveal to us which one of the selves that we entertain is the real one: the scared self, the reactive self, the helpless self or the whole self. Sometimes that is all we need. To sit enough with the divine that the unreal selves disappear, to allow ourselves to hear the reassuring and guiding voice from within. When we sit with this kind of knowing every day it is much harder to believe the illusions. Open yourself to this guidance. Welcome this deeper knowledge into your mind, body and soul. You are not alone. You are not forgotten. Seek the truth through the divine and you will always find it.

Diana Deaver is an emotional health life coach practicing since 2015. Her work is based on a combination of depth psychology principles with healing modalities that involve the body and the mind. Her emotional healing work encourages a process of gradual integration of all aspects of the Self. She offers one on one life coaching sessions via phone, zoom or Facebook messenger. Email her at to schedule your session centered on you and your emotional healing.