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 About Diana Deaver

diana-deaver-lifecoachDiana Deaver is a life coach, speaker and visual artist. Her coaching process focuses on deep personal exploration, understanding and compassion. Diana started her studies in 2000 with psycho-sociology at Universitatea Virgil Madgearu in Romania. In 2008 she began her apprenticeship as an emotional health coach in Charleston, SC. Diana’s formative years in a post communist developing country offered her a personal understanding of the effects that abuse, fear, shame and hunger can have on human dignity.  By personally exploring the power of emotional healing, Diana uses her unique perspective to offer clients the same opportunity for emotional well-being. Diana uses her formal training, along with her personal approach, to create an emotionally healing partnership with each of her clients.

 In addition to private coaching sessions, Deaver facilitates group emotional health work at Bliss Spiritual Co-Op, speaks publicly on emotional health topics and hosts emotional healing retreats yearly.

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Emotional Health Life Coach Diana Deaver


Currently Enrolled in M.A./Ph.D in Depth Psychology with
Specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute

Certificate in Enchantivism – The Retreat at Pacifica Graduate Institute (2019)

Guest Speaker- Healing Emotional Eating Workshop

D.I.S.C. Communication Skills Training (2017 Our Community LISTENS-Charleston SC)

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Applied Communication (College of Charleston)

Survivors 1- Healing Childhood Trauma Workshop – Attendee(The Meadows- Wickenburg AZ 2016)

Facilitator – TREASURE YOU Co-ed Emotional Healing Retreat (2016)

Trident United Way 211 Hot Line Counselor (2015-2016)

Co-Facilitator – Finding Strength After Heartbreak Women’s Emotional Healing Retreat (2015)

A.S.I.S.T Training (2015 College of Charleston)

Inner Awakenings Art Of Coaching Training Course (ACE Course 2012)

Multilingual (Romanian, Spanish, English)

Read What Clients and Professionals Are Saying About Diana’s Work:

adamAdam Cox – Founder and Head Coach at Movement Lifestyle, London, UK
  I highly recommend Diana.  Her ability to listen deeply and empathetically is phenomenal, truly her special gift if you ask me. She has helped me see things in our coaching sessions that I was blind to, but the most wonderful thing is the way it’s pointed out in the sessions. I walk away feeling that I made the discoveries which is incredibly empowering.Diana hasn’t once let me fool myself either, I feel a strong sense of direction from her in this sense which is great when working through challenging moments. If you’re looking for someone who is both strong and supple as an emotional coach Diana is a perfect fit in my eyes. 

Bonnie Anderson- Reiki Master, Toronto, Ontario
    Diana is a very gifted, genuine soul who is driven to help people work through the feelings/emotions that impede their growth spiritually. Her empathy and caring nature provided a very safe and soothing environment which for me made it not only a therapeutic but also somewhat of a cathartic experience. I experienced a few “A ha” moments during our session together.Even though this is just the tip of the “Ice Berg” for me, I feel confident  that by continuing to work with Diana, I will finally be able to understand, accept and let go of the emotional pain that is within myself.

 Mette Primdal Andersen -Artist, Herning, Denmark
Diana is a fantastic coach. She creates a soft, warm and comfortable environment, in which you feel safe and free to open up. She has an amazing way of making you see your problems in a different view and giving you space to process it:) I’m very happy to call her my coach:)

jp searsJP Sears- Inner Coach and Ultra Spiritual Guy, Charleston, SC
Diana has a lovely gift for guiding people into their hearts to heal and discover their greatness.  Her sharp insight pierces through the surface challenges that a person is experiencing so that the deeper causes can be found and addressed.  Diana has a gentle grace mixed with an infectious curiosity, which makes her a delightful gift for people seeking to discover their own inner treasure.  I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of groups that Diana has taught on many occasions, I highly recommend her for your healing and growing journey!

emotional health coachingTiffany Taylor- Mother and Executive Director, Charleston SC 
I can confidently recommend Diana as a coach.  She offers a clear and authentic approach to getting in touch with the heart of challenging situations and emotions all within a very calm and nurturing dynamic.  After just the first session with her, I walked away with new understandings and tangible ways to apply that in my everyday life.   I feel Diana is able to offer great perspective in a supportive and self-empowering manner.  

Public Speaking


Self Sabotage Talk at bliss

“Public speaking is one of my favorite ways to connect with a community. I love tuning into an audience and then encouraging them to tune into themselves. There’s something very powerful about a group of people simultaneously accessing their inner wisdom.” ~ Diana Deaver
emotional health meet-up

emotional health meet-up

Diana facilitates a free emotional health workshop every month at bliss Spiritual Co-op in Mt. Pleasant. Join her Meet-Up and become part of a loving and supportive community of people who are curious about their emotional health and well-being. Her meet-ups are experiential and discussion centered. Everyone gets an opportunity to share their personal experiences and be heard. 
Visit Diana’s YouTube channel to view her emotional health related videos.
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