Navigating the Holiday Rollercoaster: Essential Tips for Preserving Emotional Health During the Festive Season

The holiday season, often associated with joy and celebration, can also present emotional challenges for many individuals. The year’s end brings a sense of closure and anticipation of a new beginning, triggering a range of emotions. Additionally, societal expectations and the emotional toll of recent losses can further complicate the holiday experience. more “Navigating the Holiday Rollercoaster: Essential Tips for Preserving Emotional Health During the Festive Season”

Obstacles to emotional healing: Self-Loathing

One of the most common obstacles to mental and emotional healing is self-loathing. Self-loathing is when we actively criticize, judge, reject and resist different parts or versions of ourselves. When we get accustomed to beating ourselves up or shaming ourselves it’s often because we are only focusing on our shortcomings. We become one-sided in our perspective and forget to see the good. The longer we spend counting our faults the deeper we get into a shame spiral, the less we remember to look at the bigger, fuller picture.
Self-loathing also causes us to imagine that the world judges and rejects us (projection). We project our own self-hatred onto the world. This makes us extremely sensitive. We look for proof that others feel about us the way we feel about ourselves. When we get into a self-loathing spiral we may be tempted to self punish, self abandon, self negect.
The truth is everyone has flaws and continuously beating oneself up does not help with healing, it only delays it. It causes inner conflict which can become absolutely exhausting when engaged in the long term. I’m sure you know how challenging it can be to be around someone who is always hard on themselves. It’s like watching someone attack themselves.
So please consider being patient and compassionate with yourself especially when you notice a tendency to pull yourself apart. Say out loud:
May I be loving to myself. May I willingly choose to nurture what is good in me. I am worthy of love as I am.
Consider committing to a life without self-hatred.
emotional health life coachDiana Deaver is a Jungian coach and dream analyst practicing since 2015. Her work is focused on supporting emotional health and is based on depth psychology principles. She offers one on one coaching sessions via phone, zoom or Facebook messenger. Email her at to schedule your session centered on you and your emotional healing.


What is a woman’s place in a modern world?

“What is a woman’s place in this modern world? I rebel against this question, though so many of my peers ask it. The inherent bias in the inquiry seems invisible to so many of them. They consider themselves progressive because they are willing to challenge many of the assumptions of the past.
They ignore the greater assumption–that a ‘place’ for women must be defined and set forth to begin with.

more “What is a woman’s place in a modern world?”

Aromatherapy Emotional Support for Anxiety & Fear- Texas Cedarwood Oil

As someone dedicated to emotional health I find it important to have a diversity of mental/emotional aids in my coach” toolbox”. One of such treasures is aromatherapy – a non-invasive tool and for mental/emotional support that can provide immediate, observable support. One of the aromas that I employ often for grounding and centering is texas cedarwood oil. more “Aromatherapy Emotional Support for Anxiety & Fear- Texas Cedarwood Oil”

The Way We See Our Partners is the Way They Become

When it comes to intimate or meaningful relationships, the way others see us tends to have a prophetic influence on us. Our lenses dictate our reality. This is one of the most underestimated laws of relationship. The more someone believes in us, the more we begin to believe in ourselves. The more someone criticizes us, the more we begin to appropriate those qualities.

more “The Way We See Our Partners is the Way They Become”

The Keepers of the Heart: How Psychological Complexes Impact Our Emotional Lives

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl 

As the living units of the unconscious, psychological complexes hold the key to multiple aspects of everyday relational life: the personal, familial, workplace, and cultural aspects. By examining the theoretical work of C. G. Jung, E. Shalit, D. Kalsched, and others, supported by examples of personal and cultural complexes, this article aims to offer attenuating ways to tend to the emotions that arise from the defensive shell of a complex while encouraging a closer look to the underlying psychic split at the core of a complex.  more “The Keepers of the Heart: How Psychological Complexes Impact Our Emotional Lives”

You are not broken

You are not broken! You don’t need fixing. But you might be in pain. You might have parts of you that have been neglected for a long time, that maybe no one ever showed you how to care for.

more “You are not broken”

Keep going when life gets hard

Most people naturally desire to improve and will make an effort to move in a direction of expansion and growth. We start a new habit and we usually give it our best at the beginning. We try a new tool, or a new way of communication, or a new way of being with ourselves but after a while, our enthusiasm starts to wane. We eventually get to a wobbly stage when our new venture doesn’t feel natural, it seems difficult and even uncomfortable. That is the place many of us are tempted to doubt our natural abilities. That is when we are tempted to quit and we get angry at ourselves for being so naive as to even try. The pride hurts, and the ego hurts and our disappointment hurts. more “Keep going when life gets hard”

A Depth Psychological Exploration of Ego and Shadow

This article is written by depth psychology based emotional health life coach Diana Deaver and is copyrighted. Please contact Diana if you wish to publish or use this article in your own writings. Diana offers online and in-person life coaching sessions to individuals desiring a deeper exploration of their psyche. See more of her articles here and youtube here.

Article Summary

This article explores the Jungian archetype of the shadow and the complex of the ego from a perspective of their function as aspects of the human psyche. Within are also observed the emotional and experiential manifestation of the ego and the shadow in everyday life and how their manifestation influences the process of self-development. Depending on how it is engaged with and related to the ego can be experienced as a grounding beacon of consciousness or a controlling dictator-like force. Similarly, the shadow can be encountered as a temporary respite from what is unbearable or the repressed evil force that demands to be acknowledged. Interactions with the ego and the shadow are a normal and emotionally vivid part of an individual’s psychic life. While observing their influence with complete detachment is not possible due to their very function in the psyche, the more their dynamics are understood, the more functional the entire psychic system can become. more “A Depth Psychological Exploration of Ego and Shadow”

Emotional Intelligence in Business

This article explores the effects of emotional intelligence in business interactions. The two main goals of the research here is to grasp as much as possible about emotional intelligence and the core skills involved with it and to understand the influence that developing these skills can have on an individual’s work environment. While, in general, Emotional Quotient (EQ) is challenging to measure and test, several studies were found that successfully recorded its impact in the professional world. The evidence collected from the manuals, articles and studies suggests that indeed Emotional Intelligence (EI) is not only a skill that can be sharpened in time but EI skills can actively contribute to four key areas of influence in the professional setting: better business relationships, increased efficacy of business teams, improved leadership development and higher adaptability to change. It was also apparent from the literature studied that EI is becoming a required core competency in the business world. Even though the field of EI is, in general, gaining more and more interest from researching institutions, there are many aspects of EI that need further exploration and understanding. 

more “Emotional Intelligence in Business”

3 Reasons We Are Afraid to Care About Our Planet

I have to admit that when my compost-loving, spunky brunette friend asked me to share my thoughts about the times when humans are afraid to care, my immediate thought was… But are we? Are we indeed afraid to care? Yes, it’s true, many of us are. But not all of us. There are also many of us who aren’t afraid to care. This article is for those who may have a twinge of fear ping into their hearts anytime they contemplate making an emotional investment. Because that’s what caring implies: an investment of mental, emotional and physical energy into a nurturing relationship. In this article, I will specifically address the fear of caring for our planet, and how this fear stems from deeper love avoidant characteristics.

more “3 Reasons We Are Afraid to Care About Our Planet”

7 Ways Working With a Life Coach Improves Emotional Health

Working with a life coach is a highly personal experience that involves quality one-on-one time and deep meaningful inquiry. Most people who choose a life coach are not only looking for someone to partner with to relieve and heal emotional pain but also someone who can teach them how to do that for themselves. It’s a more intimate process than reading a book or doing an online course, and that’s why, when clients and coaches are matched well, profound life changes take place organically. more “7 Ways Working With a Life Coach Improves Emotional Health”

A symbolic meaning of flooding…

“when spirit becomes heavy it turns to water” – Carl Jung (Collected Works, Vol 9, p.1, para. 16)




I started my research into the symbolic meaning of flooding as a result of a series of dreams of invading water. Gigantic waves crashing over me or my home would startle me awake. The more I learned about it, the more I realized flood dreams are a common occurrence for many others.

My intention in this article is to offer a starting point of inquiry into dreams about flooding. I will include a number of questions to consider with each potential interpretation. I hope these questions will create curiosity into further exploration of the psyche. more “A symbolic meaning of flooding…”