A few consideration on slowing down…

Speed, efficiency, energy, power. We all desire them. But they are not always innate, for most of us they are practices that must be learned and developed. And because life comes in opposites and paradoxes, many of us have began to recognize that power is not possible without powering down.

slowing down
Continuous expenditure of energy without RENEWAL is not possible. Speed without slowing down is not sustainable. Nature shows us this all the time. Days are followed by night. Spring cannot happen without winter. All of the natural world exemplifies this duality and alternation.


 So why are so reluctant to slow down? Why do we fall into the temptation to push ourselves to the point of breaking?

It takes 10 weeks for a bone fracture to heal. How long does it take to heal a broken spirit?

Can our tiredness, our exhaustion, our lack of focus, our depression, be a generous invitation into rest, into repause, into regeneration? Particularly after some of our greatest loses (accidents, heart breaks) a period of restoration is organic and supportive.

Ask yourself: What level of breakage will it be necessary for me to allow myself to slow down?

What will it take for me to give myself permission to rest? And when I do, what will I learn? What will I notice? What will I love?

quality time