Relationships allow us to feel connected. One of the most painful experiences we can have is that of feeling disconnected. CONNECTED Retreat is an intimate gathering of like-hearted people desiring to heal our connection to what we love most in life. Whether you’re single or in a romantic relationship (with or without a significant other in attendance) this retreat is intended for you. CONNECTED focuses on examining and repairing the places in which we feel lonely, misunderstood, wounded and abandoned so that we can then organically grow into feeling connected, loving and at peace.



September 21st-24th 2017
Oceanfront shared accommodations on Folly Beach, SC
Three chef-prepared organic meals daily
Group Emotional Healing Work


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Play, Power and Pleasure in Partnership.
Learning to Speak Our’s Partner’s Secret Language 
The Cycle of Neediness and Emotional Unavailability
Recurring Patterns in Relationships
Grieving and Closing Old Wounds That Affect Current Relationships




Why a retreat setting?

The company of a supportive group of people who struggle with similar challenges offers a deeply healing experience. Retreats organically create a beautiful space of belonging and support. The intensity of emotional work achieved in a group setting is more profound to that of a one on one private session. This is the deepest type of personal growth work currently offered in Charleston.


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Diana Deaver is a Charleston SC based emotional health life coach, public speaker and visual artist. In addition to her one on one coaching sessions, Diana has facilitated over 37 small group workshops since 2015.  After she personally experienced emotional healing retreats in Australia, Denmark, Mexico and Hawaii, Diana felt a strong calling to bring the healing power of small group work to Charleston, SC. Over the past three years Diana’s work has pioneered unique personal growth techniques in the low-country through her dynamic local retreats and community service.






What Past Retreat Participants Have To Say:



” It was one of the most memorable and healing experiences I had yet to have in 38 years, and I have been retreating and workshopping my way through the a good bit of my adult life to say the least! As the retreat was coming to a closing we all had a collective feeling of having found a new family we wished we never had to leave.”- Charlotte- October 2015 Participant Of “Finding Strength After Heartbreak” Emotional Healing Retreat



“The retreat was a wonderful experience. I would like to experience something similar every year. I learned that I need to heal my inner child. I gained insight into how others deal with their issues and what they have gone through. I learned not everyone has got it all together. We all need healing. We all need to turn our thinking around. We all need to be deprogrammed. It is a process and the more I take care of myself the more healing will take place.”- Domingo- October 2015 Participant Of “Finding Strength After Heartbreak” Emotional Healing Retreat



“It was such a safe environment to just come in, be who you are, talk about what’s going on with you and share that with people. There was never even a moment when I was being judged. It was peaceful, and friendly and loving.” Steve – September 2016 Participant of “TREASURE YOU” Emotional Healing Retreat




“Working with Diana was a beautiful invitation inward. She really invited me to look at aspects of myself I hadn’t looked at. She gave me an incredible perspective on myself and the way I show up in the world.”-Laura- September 2016 Participant of “TREASURE YOU” Emotional Healing Retreat




“This was my first retreat longer than a day. It was meaningful to see us all come together with different stories yet seeking the same inner peace and resolution. If I were to sum up my experience in one word I would say TRANSFORMATION. It was a wonderful experience- I can hardly wait for the next one.”-Ximena- September 2016 Participant of “TREASURE YOU” Emotional Healing Retreat



How close will I be to Charleston?

The retreat is taking place in an ocean front home on Folly Beach and approximately 25 minutes away from downtown Charleston, SC.

Does the retreat price include transportation?

The retreat fee does not include travelling fees. If you’re flying in, please let us know what time you are arriving and if you’d like  a ride from the airport to the retreat house. We will do our best to pick you up!

Will there be time for ​sightseeing?

The retreat program offers full day schedules that involve remaining in the vicinity of the retreat home. We recommend that you allow yourself to rest and enjoy the beach.

​Can I bring my laptop with me?​

Sure. To fully enjoy the benefits of healing and restoring work we recommend that you minimize the time you engage with electronic devices as much as possible.

What if I have a dietary need?

Our chef is very skilled and willing to take into account any special dietary needs. Please let us know ahead of time if you have specific requests.

What should I bring with me?

A journal or notebook if you like to take notes. Comfortable lounge clothing. A bathing suit. Beach sandals. A camera if you like to take photos. Clothing appropriate for movement and exercise. Your favorite yoga mat if you want to. Your partner or best friend :)

Am I sharing a room?

Yes, this emotional healing retreat offers very comfortable and spacious shared accommodations. We hope that you will enjoy this opportunity to create a meaningful and supportive connection.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

The $500 deposit is non-refundable and is used to guarantee your participation in the retreat. Cancellations made prior to 30 days before the retreat will be refunded in whole, less the non-refundable deposit. Cancellations made within 30 days of the retreat are non-refundable. The balance may be applied to a future retreat at the retreat host’s discretion.

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