A symbolic meaning of flooding…

water flooding symbolism emotional overhwhelm

I find it interesting that you can both a person and a wind can rage. That we can be flooded both by a feeling and by water…

In dreams, water often symbolizes emotion. And what could flooding mean then? To me it reminds me of the time when my heart was broken open, when I have been flooded by emotions that seemed larger than me, powerful. I still experience that at times.

water is emotion

Water is a symbol for emotion…

Water flooding seems to replicate the symptoms of emotional flooding… just like water, emotions keep pouring out of us and we cannot stop them. They take over the roads of our minds, the houses of our comfort and they keep us stuck for a while, where we are, until the pouring is done with. Then they naturally begin to recede, leaving everything either soaked or damaged, allowing to finally tend to rebuilding.

The water flooding downtown Charleston reminds of the recent emotional overwhelm we all experienced during the aftermath of the AME church tragedy. There was a flooding of sadness, and grief and love that poured out of our hearts. There was a flooding of people who showed up for peace, for love, for hope.

receeding water on the beach

receding water

Can I do anything to stop the raging wind, the rain or the damage from the massive amounts of water?

Perhaps I can feel my feelings when they come, anger, sadness, love, joy. Let them come out gently, without avoiding them, hiding them or numbing them. Perhaps the best thing I can do anytime is to show up, be fully there, for the emotions and weather that come up for me and for those around me. Perhaps if I’m there with my feelings when they first show up, they won’t have to show up as a hurricane, or all at once.

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